ADC Standard underslung cranes

For complex buildings with limited space or low headroom, ADC offers a range of standard underslung crane. It runs on the runway beam directly mounted under the ceiling which is adaptable to buildings with underslung runway beams.

The underslung cranes ADC maximize the available space in buildings by reducing the clearance between hook and walls. This type of crane can be designed to allow combinations with other cranes in nearby halls so as to transfer hoists and loads between cranes and workshops.

Our range of standard underslung cranes allows to obtain a maximum lifting height under hook (with our range of low headroom wire rope hoist). The range extends up to 10 tons of lifting capacity and up to 18 meters span.

The range is adapted for chain hoist for small loads up to 3.2 tons and for rope hoist for higher lifting capacity.

ADC underslung cranes are built with standardized parts, this allows you to make the maintenance of your equipment at an economical price.

Our girders are built either with rolled section or welded box sections depending on load and span. Girders are made on automatic welding bench in our plant.

They are equipped with ADC wire rope hoists, also designed and manufactured in Parthenay, this makes ADC the only French manufacturer of complete overhead travelling cranes.

  4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
LGT jusqu'à 3.2t hors standard
STD jusqu'à 10t jusqu'à 8t jusqu'à 6.3t ≤ 5t
Caption: Span in meters
ADC Fayat, manufacturer of underslung cranes


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